Introduction to Daily Blog

Starting today I will integrate writing into my daily regimen. I do not expect perfection nor would I say I am the greatest writer this world has ever seen. Truthfully, my grammar is not always so polished. However, I know for certain that going through with this mission will make me happy. Even if I fail. Otherwise, I am sure I will regret never having tried. See, since I was in fourth grade I have desperately wanted to write a book one day. Now I know this is no book, but it is definitely a start down that path. I hope that in my writing endeavors, I may bring even one of you value. But if all goes to hell, I still satisfy my desire to pursue writing. That alone is enough for me.

I do want to clarify that these daily posts are not meant to be tailored to anyone’s judgement nor will they necessarily be curse-free or friendly to all readers. I would like to think of writing much like painting. If my emotions drive me to splatter paint across the canvas, I will not hesitate. Even if you, the spectator, are in the way.

Deep down I know I am an optimist. Like any human, I have my high and low moments. Some of these posts may be extremely positive and others utterly horrendous. When written with graceful optimism, my posts reassure me of my fundamental beliefs. When written with melancholy, this blog becomes a medium for me to gather all my unfavorable emotions and dispel them.

I look forward to this time next year. I await progress and somewhat consistency. For those of you that join me on my journey, I greatly appreciate any feedback, whether with my grammar or content. Thank you in advance.