Music Overload

Today is one of the strangest days of my life for one simple reason, I can’t stop listening to music. That doesn’t seem like a problem but it isn’t a sensation I’m used to feeling.

Like any human being, or so I hope, I enjoy my fair share of music and truly it is influential to my mood. Today, though, I feel like staring at a wall and plunging my ears with every song that accurately matches up my emotions by the hour.

So picky, I refuse to accept anything less than the most precise embodiment of how I feel inside. If I can’t find full fledge playlists to match me up, I’ll have one song on repeat for an hour, two, three, endlessly.

I’m deeply impressed by the thought provoking nature that stems from observing music. My mind has thoroughly wandered everything from the fire that fuels our motivation to the love that captivates our souls. The extent that I would devote myself to the emotions in hand is almost limitless. It’s overwhelming, yet alluring.

Exploring the depths behind every thought, I seek answers in the lyrical and rhythmical substance of these somewhat irrelevant songs that somehow still seize and subdue my specifications and seal me in its stipulations.