To Pursue Your Dreams

Are only the bold meant to follow their dreams? Or do we become bold in our deciding to pursue such a risky endeavor? Are our dreams only risky because they may at times be too starkingly different than that of the ordinary path in life? Or is settling for a more normal life riskier than not pursuing your dream?

Tonight I find myself with more questions than answers, but there is one thing I am certain about. Whether some situation or pursuit is risky or different or worth it, it entirely depends on the individual. Depending who you really are, the answers vary. This truth seems obvious. However, I feel some of us forget. Is there not some tendency or curiosity to know the results of others’ decisions in life?

I have been considering what exactly I would pursue after graduation. Should I turn my cheek to the system and go all-in to producing content for my personal brand and living a somewhat entrepreneurial life? Or should I leave that as a side project while I work a 9 to 5 and hopefully one day go all-in to my side hustle, if it ever proves to be viable? Just how practical or risky should I be? I guess, it depends on what I can tolerate while prioritizing my happiness.

Yeah you read that right. Happiness as the ultimate prioritization rather than my salary, assets or possessions. Shockingly not a common aim that people have, but I’d like to think that the world continues evolving in that direction—focusing on greater well-being in the form of happiness.

The point is that the world is my oyster. Probably not the best expression considering I’m vegan. Nonetheless, I am on the verge of paving a new path in my life, especially one that holds more weight than previous life decisions. I anticipate the journey.