Embrace Failure

It is okay to lose. Please let that sink. Failure should be desired rather than avoided. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being rejected or failing in the short run. Why? Simply because life is a marathon. When you’re running for that long, your experiences have much more to say about reality than the games your mind plays without context or respect to actual actions.


I’ve had my fair share of failure. No matter the category in my life, I have repeatedly failed and I am proud that it has played out that way.

I have been rejected by women, but I have also found love and learned much about it and myself all because I had the courage to even act on a desire, an emotion, a genuine urge for more.

I had applied to 27 universities including some of the top institutions in the world and was not admitted to the grand majority of them. In fact, the University of Florida originally did not accept me, which is the school I now attend having transferred from New York University. However, I had landed admission to NYU and Boston University with almost complete funding. That happened because I acted and put myself out there by applying to every school I remotely considered.

My first attempts to join one of my academic organizations, an economic journal, and an internship were all rejected. Nonetheless, I sought feedback and research and got to work to improve my candidacy. Finally, I earned my spot to all of these and more by doing just that: putting in the work.

I am not writing this to highlight my success, rather I expose my failures! I hope by sharing with you my rejections, that you realize life is not about dodging the No’s but using those same short-term losses to catapult you to tomorrow’s Yes.

Embrace your failures. Speak of them to the world. Learn from rejection. If you follow this mindset, you set yourself up for growth and resilience.