Ceiling Thoughts

Lost in my music and staring at the ceiling of my room, I now realize an interesting point about myself.

Usually I hear thought leaders and people at large speak of their childhood passion that one day transitioned into one of their current pursuits, whether in their career or side hustles. It seems my mind just spotted my version of that, my thing.


When I was a kid, I’d be awake late in the hours of the night and I was always driven to do what at the time seemed irrelevant or a waste of time. Looking back at it, I’m actually quite fascinated.

I would take a paper out of my printer and grab a wooden pencil, quickly draw up a list of goals I wanted to achieve. If not that, I would write whatever came to mind, which at some point tended to be a fictional soldier I made up and would write what would be his journal entries of surviving World War 2.

Essentially, I would keep myself busy and funnel all my excessive late night energy in producing something, which I would now call content.

Skip ahead 10 or so years and here I am now, generating content pretty much on a daily basis. The action of producing that something drove me in the past and today that continues to be the case. However, I now have a better understanding of why that is so.

My creativity, whether to your liking or not, cannot be tamed. The moments of greatest anxiety in my life have been in periods when I did not allot time to expressing myself in any way I knew how. I wasn’t aware of how valuable that creative time was for my overall mental health nor the immeasurable happiness I received from prioritizing it in my life.

Expressing yourself can go a long way. Regardless of your preferred method of expression.

Please consider that before constraining yourself to a strict set of daily obligations with no room for liberated and creative pursuits.

To think that if I wasn’t awake looking at my ceiling, I would have otherwise not gone full circle with this lifetime passion of mine.

Thank you ceiling?