The Hump That Killed Your Ambitions

You know that moment when you’re finally checking out a new skill and are suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of information that goes behind it? Perhaps this happens to you when you touch a new topic or sign up for a class outside your comfort zone. Regardless, there is one very important truth to take into consideration.

That same moment of feeling overloaded is when the majority of people would drop the pursuit.

Why add complications to your life when you have so many already, right? Life isn’t so bad, you don’t need to take on a new skill, topic, interest or hobby.

Doesn’t it seem to take just a matter of seconds to flip from spontaneously acting on a hidden urge you had to discover new things to that of feeling complacent with your life?


Back in the beginning of this year, I was on my laptop researching how to start podcasting. An endless stream of information flowed out of my computer and consumed every hope I had of realistically going through with one of my many New Year resolutions: start a damn podcast. It was in that instance that I took a second to myself and was reminded that if I could just get over that primary uncertainty and disbelief, I might be successful. That same point of hesitation is when most quit.

The problem here is that I do NOT want to be 90% of people.

I shook off that skeptical and quite pessimistic attitude. Then, something magic happened. I did it. I started a podcast. Just like that? Yeah, just like that.

You should not subscribe to thoughts of doubt or incapability or even worse, resort to excuses as to why not pursue your aspirations and how you were really not that interested. Shut it down. Don’t fool yourself.

Relentlessly push forward to your goal and it will pay off. Whether it’s worth it because you put yourself through the test and realized if you really do enjoy that new skill or hobby, or it was simply an attempt to incorporate some new dimension to your life that could improve it overall. The quickest way to see the result and understand more of yourself is by actually doing it.

I am glad to report to you, months after my initial overwhelmed state, that my life is ten times more fulfilled because I went through with my aim. Podcasting, a space I had never explored before, is now home to my thoughts, values, ideas and simply, me.

Don’t forget you always have a choice between mediocrity or greatness.