Why An Apple May Cause You Misery

Here I want to compare success to obtaining food.


Whoever is willing to put themselves a million percent into one objective, is more than likely to achieve their goal. In this case, to reach that food source.


However, are we to measure success on whether one achieved their food? Or that they fruitfully reached the food of their ultimate choice?


If you were to subscribe to the system and devote yourself utterly into it without asking yourself what it is you truly love to do, hence suppressing any thoughts, ideas or urges for anything that is not the task at hand, is that true discipline? If so, is discipline the only facet we should strive to have under our power? Perhaps this example is one of discipline in the absence of self-awareness.



What if you devoted yourself entirely and managed to end up with an apple, but you come to realize that you actually hate apples? I mean you absolutely hate them. They quite literally make you vomit. Or what if you end up being allergic to them? That would be a catastrophic result, no? I feel this is what you risk by not allowing yourself to sample different foods before knowing you want to strive for the whole batch.


One who walked all the isles of a supermarket (the world) and sampled as many foods as they could (skills and pursuits), would be much more certain of their favorite choice. But of course, this is only food for thought.

**Pun highly intended**