Growing Up Too Fast

Today, I’m internally conflicted with an issue or decision that I’ll have to be making soon. That’s whether I’ll be graduating early or not. For those of you that have been posed with the same dilemma, hear me out because there may be some value here for you.


Personally, life’s always been fast-paced and I’ve fed on and grown from that same speed. However, the way I see it is we, or at least I do, try to grow up much quicker than the usual. As a kid it made me feel exceptional. The way I would understand the intricacies that someone older than me would not expect me to catch onto simply made me feel special. The issue is that now that may not be the ideal scenario for me.

Happiness is found in the pace of life that synchronizes with the beat of your disposition.

Considering that life is a marathon, at times it challenges the youth to transition out of a sprinter’s mentality. I tend to jam-pack my life with not easily-ingestible workloads. Instead, I tend to choose the absolute maximum amount of substance that my body, mind, and spirit can take without entirely self-destructing. Essentially, I would always take on all I could possibly handle. To the point that the process I’d choose may not have been as enjoyable or geared for happiness as would setting a pace that encompasses space for flexibility and a genuine flow of actions.

Now, I don’t necessarily enjoy the actual classes nor what feels like busy work. However, I do believe in playing the system to your own benefit. In this case, if you have unconventional plans that don’t fit the structured layout of traditional career fields and on top of that attending college is virtually no cost to you, it just might be worthwhile leveraging that time to build whatever it is you want to build. I MUST emphasize that taking on loans to buy yourself time because you fear the adult world or the real world is not exactly the best decision. Then again, it’s all about self-awareness and if that provides you with greater happiness and is something you can actually afford long-term, then more power to you. My perspective on this topic is coming from that of a not-so-common path than well-structured careers.

So if you want to act on your craft and make a livelihood on it, whether or not to graduate early can make the difference between relieving some of the pressure to perform or augmenting it.

Please, if you take anything from my two cents here, let that be the following:

Everyone’s scenario is different. Taking general advice can obscure your true aim. Tailor your actions to your objective and if that means leveraging time in college to propel your craft, then do so. If otherwise, please do not impose debt on yourself that you cannot afford. That debt can be the single factor that cripples you from being able to make any significant moves in the future regarding the success of your craft.

With that said, as always, I wish you guys nothing but sheer happiness and success. We’re all in this together, you’re not alone, no matter what path you favor.