Where Fitness and Mindset Meet

I had the absolute honor of chatting it up with Jose Espinal (@josex3_ on Instagram) about the intersection between fitness and mindset!

Absolutely loved what he had to bring to the table, considering he is a weightlifter and constantly works with his posing and body for competitions.

Whether in fitness, art, or whatever pursuit, it’s all a game of mindset. That truly gets highlighted here and I’m more than excited to have you join our discussion!

Don’t hesitate to reach me on any social media platform to keep the convo going! All my info is below.

My Instagram: @_rcv

My Twitter: @_rcvc

My Email: roberto.c.ventura97@gmail.com

Jose's Instagram: @josex3_

Pure Vibration (Company by Jose and Ema) Instagram: @purevibrationje

Pure Vibration Etsy Shop Site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/purevibrationje

They sell in person too, every Saturday at Coconut Grove Organic Market:

3300 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133