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Raw Thoughts #2

Pursuing your dream is amazing. However, if you’re someone like me, you’re presented with a mixed set of thoughts on a daily basis between that of determination and that of doubtfulness. It can be a restless mental war sometimes. That’s okay though.

Truth is, if you simply act on your intent and let go of that doubt, chances are you’ll get a hell of a lot closer to your objective and potentially achieve it altogether. I’m not giving up. Here, I just wanted to extend to you my thoughts that at times does encompass doubt. I genuinely believe you should keep your head up and make it happen through your hard work and diligence.

Looking forward to giving you more insight into my process. Wherever that may take us.

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Raw Thoughts #1

I’m starting a series of episodes titled “Raw Thoughts” that are directly transferred from my voice memos on my phone.

With this series, I extend to you my innermost self. No edits. No sensory-enhancing technology. No B.S.

I want you to see my journey enitrely. I want you to come into my mind. Whatever may come of my pursuit, at the very least you now know some of the thoughts that I carried throughout my path.

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Where Fitness and Mindset Meet

I had the absolute honor of chatting it up with Jose Espinal (@josex3_ on Instagram) about the intersection between fitness and mindset!

Absolutely loved what he had to bring to the table, considering he is a weightlifter and constantly works with his posing and body for competitions.

Whether in fitness, art, or whatever pursuit, it’s all a game of mindset. That truly gets highlighted here and I’m more than excited to have you join our discussion!

Don’t hesitate to reach me on any social media platform to keep the convo going! All my info is below.

Insta: @_rcv

Twitter: @_rcvc


Jose’s Insta: @josex3_

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Failure Is Your Key To Success and Happiness

The value of embracing failure rather than dodging it cannot further be underestimated than it has been.

Allowing for failure, in fact, going out of your way to fail more often, is EXACTLY what will set you up for success and happiness in life.

Failure needs to become an everyday discussion in our lives as something that helps us advance. It teaches us lessons and functions as a building block to then eventually triumph and achieve our goals.

May you all start looking at failure in a positive and a constructive sight.

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Road to Resilience - How to Handle Hardships

I share with you my four fundamentals to getting through any hardship life throws your way. I truly believe in this blueprint, having learned from my fair share of hardships, such as the passing of my father when I was a junior in high school. I am grateful that you give me a listen and I want nothing else but to bring you value in the best way I know how: with my words and my experiences.

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