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Raw Thoughts #1

I’m starting a series of episodes titled “Raw Thoughts” that are directly transferred from my voice memos on my phone.

With this series, I extend to you my innermost self. No edits. No sensory-enhancing technology. No B.S.

I want you to see my journey enitrely. I want you to come into my mind. Whatever may come of my pursuit, at the very least you now know some of the thoughts that I carried throughout my path.

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Would You Rather Be Poor With A United Family Or Richer With A Separated Family?

I was challenged to create a controversial topic with respect to the book “La Distancia Entre Nosotros,” or “The Distance Between Us,” by Reyna Grande. In this episode, I highlight the question: Would you rather be poor with a united family or in a separated family with financial abundance? My answer is Poor and here I explain why.

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