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Raw Thoughts #2

Pursuing your dream is amazing. However, if you’re someone like me, you’re presented with a mixed set of thoughts on a daily basis between that of determination and that of doubtfulness. It can be a restless mental war sometimes. That’s okay though.

Truth is, if you simply act on your intent and let go of that doubt, chances are you’ll get a hell of a lot closer to your objective and potentially achieve it altogether. I’m not giving up. Here, I just wanted to extend to you my thoughts that at times does encompass doubt. I genuinely believe you should keep your head up and make it happen through your hard work and diligence.

Looking forward to giving you more insight into my process. Wherever that may take us.

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Raw Thoughts #1

I’m starting a series of episodes titled “Raw Thoughts” that are directly transferred from my voice memos on my phone.

With this series, I extend to you my innermost self. No edits. No sensory-enhancing technology. No B.S.

I want you to see my journey enitrely. I want you to come into my mind. Whatever may come of my pursuit, at the very least you now know some of the thoughts that I carried throughout my path.

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Spontaneous Preach About Where You Invest Your Daily Energy

Finding a craft, hobby or activity that invigorates you with energy is key to happiness and breaking away from the repetitive cycle of life. Simply meeting your obligations for the day drains your energy and turning to Netflix to “rest up” for the next day of duty hinders your growth. In this spontaneous preach, I urge you all to be careful of where you invest your energy if you are looking for a personal ROI.

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