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Raw Thoughts #5

For me, there are two types of being overwhelmed. One version is bad and can be the biggest obstacle you have to conquer. Another version is more motivating and can actually fuel you. Which version you are dealt with is dependent on what type of mindset you want to deploy.

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Patience in 15 minutes

You really can’t have happiness and success in life without patience. Will you patiently hear one or two tools for acquiring the imperturbable ability? You may just be 15 mins away from something new.

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Do Something Today.

Right now, the only thing you need to do is take that FIRST STEP.
What is it you want? desire? need?
Take that first step TODAY.

Dedicate a couple minutes to searching up a "How to" for whatever objective you have. What you can accomplish in five minutes while laying in bed is unheard of in all of human history.

As always, wishing you the absolute best! DM me if you need help with anything or simply want to connect with me.

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Raw Thoughts #4

I share with you my North Star and the importance of having one.

After much soul searching and evaluation, I finally know what my place is in the world of content creation and even what my purpose is with my life’s work.

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[English Version] My First Spanish Video

Starting today I will incorporate Spanish videos and clips into my content both on my YouTube and my social media.

Not all content will be provided for both, but my goal with this is to include the Hispanic community while also practicing my Spanish.

I hope you like the idea! Looking forward to making more videos!

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Mi primer episodio en español

Hablo sobre porque decidí crear unos videos en español e introducir contenido hispana en mi YouTube y mis redes sociales.

No soy perfecto en el idioma pero espero que te encanta la idea y que ahora puedo traer valor a ti y al resto de la comunidad hispana.

Instagram: @_rcv

Twitter: @_rcvc

Snapchat: @_rcv

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10 Tactics to Fight Procrastination

I want to get real practical with my advice here. Combating procrastination is not always an easy task and there is so much advice out there.

Let me cut you straight to the point so you don’t have to do too much research. Here are my 10 tactics to fight the unproductive bug in your head! I highlight the areas of flexibility that you can tailor to yourself.

Hope you enjoy!

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Raw Thoughts #2

Pursuing your dream is amazing. However, if you’re someone like me, you’re presented with a mixed set of thoughts on a daily basis between that of determination and that of doubtfulness. It can be a restless mental war sometimes. That’s okay though.

Truth is, if you simply act on your intent and let go of that doubt, chances are you’ll get a hell of a lot closer to your objective and potentially achieve it altogether. I’m not giving up. Here, I just wanted to extend to you my thoughts that at times does encompass doubt. I genuinely believe you should keep your head up and make it happen through your hard work and diligence.

Looking forward to giving you more insight into my process. Wherever that may take us.

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Raw Thoughts #1

I’m starting a series of episodes titled “Raw Thoughts” that are directly transferred from my voice memos on my phone.

With this series, I extend to you my innermost self. No edits. No sensory-enhancing technology. No B.S.

I want you to see my journey enitrely. I want you to come into my mind. Whatever may come of my pursuit, at the very least you now know some of the thoughts that I carried throughout my path.

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