Failure Is Your Key To Success and Happiness

The value of embracing failure rather than dodging it cannot further be underestimated than it has been.

Allowing for failure, in fact, going out of your way to fail more often, is EXACTLY what will set you up for success and happiness in life.

Failure needs to become an everyday discussion in our lives as something that helps us advance. It teaches us lessons and functions as a building block to then eventually triumph and achieve our goals.

May you all start looking at failure in a positive and a constructive sight.

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Be Messy To Be Successful

On this episode, I talk about one my fundamentals that I live by religiously. That’s that of being messy. Not the type of messy you may think! By messy I mean to not subscribe to a “perfectionist mindset” so that you’re empowered by speed and thoroughness in the span of your thoughts, ideas and values. Especially, when it comes to communicating yourself, through whatever medium, to other people.

I hope to highlight a factor that I feel usually imposes a hurdle for people trying to express themselves or simply act on their passions or new endeavors.

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What You Have To Offer

I go deep into why you should be sharing your craft or your input with the world. Everyone has something to offer the world and you cannot stop yourself from spreading yours simply because of self-judgement. I hope this episode helps you realize just that. Please do share your two cents because it is more valuable than you may ever understand it to be.

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Quality Over Quantity

Volume versus quality varies as the appropriate answer depending on what situation is at hand.

When it comes to the thoughts you tackle in your mind, quality is more valuable than volume.

Here I grapple with looking at an issue or circumstance from all angles and truly shelling out the value in any undertaking.

So whether it’s books, podcasts or any other form of knowledge exchange, focusing on hitting depth is vital.

I share with you just how to achieve that depth.

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Who Influences You?

Influence is such a powerful force that directly impacts your life. Who and what you allow to influence you makes the world of a difference, so self awareness in this arena matters.

I breakdown the importance of being conscious about the opinion-based nature of others’ viewpoints, the choice you have in what you do or don’t accept from influencers, and the manifestation of these respective perspectives on the influencer’s life and hence, what it has to offer to your wellbeing and success. Finally, I stress the most important point of them all: the willingness to pivot from what you do not accept.

Love you all. Hope you find a diamond on this episode! <3

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Road to Resilience - How to Handle Hardships

I share with you my four fundamentals to getting through any hardship life throws your way. I truly believe in this blueprint, having learned from my fair share of hardships, such as the passing of my father when I was a junior in high school. I am grateful that you give me a listen and I want nothing else but to bring you value in the best way I know how: with my words and my experiences.

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Would You Rather Be Poor With A United Family Or Richer With A Separated Family?

I was challenged to create a controversial topic with respect to the book “La Distancia Entre Nosotros,” or “The Distance Between Us,” by Reyna Grande. In this episode, I highlight the question: Would you rather be poor with a united family or in a separated family with financial abundance? My answer is Poor and here I explain why.

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Spontaneous Preach About Where You Invest Your Daily Energy

Finding a craft, hobby or activity that invigorates you with energy is key to happiness and breaking away from the repetitive cycle of life. Simply meeting your obligations for the day drains your energy and turning to Netflix to “rest up” for the next day of duty hinders your growth. In this spontaneous preach, I urge you all to be careful of where you invest your energy if you are looking for a personal ROI.

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